The Slavery Of The American Civil War Essay

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The victory of the northern states in the American Civil War brought with it one of the biggest changes in United States history: the freeing of the slaves. The economic system was turned on its head and the first major breakthrough for the African Americans was achieved. For generations, black people had been owned by white men, and that was no longer the case. Black people were officially their own people, which was huge progress in the fight for their equality. The end of the fight, though, still has not been reached. Generations of racist legislation and powerful individuals with no regard for the rights of black people kept black people indebted to white people, prevented black people from voting, allowed lynching, and, today, cause black people to get arrested and murdered by white people at staggering rates. The Civil War was only the beginning of the ongoing and far from over fight for black civil rights.
Though technically free after the Civil War, black people were often still bound to plantation owners during reconstruction. Slaves who had had no freedom beforehand did not have jobs and were therefore not able to up and leave their homes. Plantation owners who were looking for cheap labor after losing their slaves took advantage of this situation and created sharecropping, which allowed for freed slaves to rent land in exchange for tending the crops and giving a share of what they harvested to the owner (“Sharecropping: Slavery by Another Name”). There were good…

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