The Slavery Of The African American Community Essay

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Abolitionism in the African American community began after slavery was abolished in the northern states of the United States. These emancipated slaves formed their own communities and offered unorganized help to fugitive slaves who happened along their paths. Through time, African Americans began to form Anti Slavery societies to work towards the freedom of enslaved men and women and to protect the rights of free blacks. During the era of the Fugitive Slave Law, Boston abolitionists were known to protect the freedom of runaway slaves at all costs and did so because they felt that no one had the right to own another human being. These abolitionists were so dedicated because many of them have either existed as slaves in the United States or witnessed the inhumanity of the system.
For years throughout United States American history, stolen Africans were legally held in bondage by European settlers. However, despite the name of this great country, the States were not always united. Time and time again the morality of the chattel slavery system was scrutinized. The question that did continually tear the nation apart was “Is it a right for one man to have ownership over another human being?” This question, originally asked by Quakers on moral and religious grounds, eventually led to a buildup of tension that erupted into The Civil War. In order to grasp the true understanding of what occurred so long ago, it is best to travel even further back in time to the beginning. To the…

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