The Slavery Of African Americans Essay

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America’s society today would be vastly different without the influence of African Americans in the past. The abolitionist movement was not in vain, for it has changed the hearts and minds of almost every individual alive today. The economy of the South was richly built upon the backs of slaves, and slaveowners quickly rose to power. The development of slavery can be looked at as a process, and one that took a firm hold. Social Darwinism fueled the slave trade through its duration and increased white power drastically. Of course, Africans would sell other Africans into the slave trade, and several wealthy Africans may have owned slaves themselves. Many involved in the slave trade did so for the financial benefits, and not simply the oppression, however, those who controlled the slave trade looked at Africans as an expendable race. During the Reconstruction of the southern states, plantations faced a great problem, and the government passed laws to protect African American rights. Overall, the United States would not be the country it is today if the liberation of slaves never came to be.
For one thing, the beginning for Africans being present in America was not terrible, for most worked as servants that worked off their debt. “A labor crisis soon developed within the early colonization of America, and other areas around the world. White colonial landowners began to see slavery as a solution to their economic woes: the fateful system of forced black labor—achieved through a…

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