The Skin Of Our Teeth Analysis

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to go see The Skin of Our Teeth. The show is very confusing and I was not a huge fan of it. However, the way the set is laid out and the choices for costumes and some aspects of the acting were quite enjoyable. The script was my main issue that clouded over many of the other parts.
To understand the show, we must first see what it is about. The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder is a play that takes part in three acts. It follows the Antrobus family and their maid as they fight to survive each new disaster by, as the title suggests, the skin of their teeth. However, this is not all the show has to offer. Alongside the main plot another small story arises. The audience follows not only the characters but the actors as well. On occasion, the maid of the family, Sabina, breaks character to become her own self as an actress and a few other actors follow her lead but rarely as often as she does. The show creates a unique experience for the
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While some people I talked to claimed the show was not made to be taken very seriously by the audience and that the audience should should only see the play as bizarre. I find this idea confusing. The show often alludes to religion and offers up moments that could suggest that a deeper realization would reveal a lot to what the show really meant. Also the attitude of the performances could’ve been more lighthearted, but instead the show just dragged. I also was informed that The Skin of Our Teeth was a comedy. Maybe it had something to do with the audience’s inability to have a full laugh, but I was getting more of a drama feel from the show. The actors did not seem like they were having as much fun with the ridiculousness of the show which may have had an impact on how it was perceived. I think that if the audience got to laugh more and the actors let themselves have a little more fun, the show might have been more entertaining to

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