The Skill That I Strengthen Over Time Through Practice Is My Public Speaking

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The skill that I strengthen over time through practice is my Public Speaking. Public Speaking is a skill that I believe most people fear. But at some point we must overcome, some day we will encounter it in our lives. Shyness, Social anxiety, Stress and discomfort may all be emotions that arise during Public Speaking. I believe that Public Speaking not only helps your confidence and pronunciation of words but it also can improve your communication with people and communication is the key to life. As time went on I noticed that I needed to improve my Public Speaking Skills, because I was experiencing all the emotions of stress, anxiety and discomfort. Whether it is a science fair project, memorization of a speech or a presentation I would get a sense of anxiety kick in, once I knew I had to present. What made me realize that I needed to improve on this was in school when I had deliver a speech of my choice as a class project, I ended up messing up a lot because of nerves taking over and I gave up and never finished the speech. With the end result being, getting a bad grade when I know the potential that I have and could have done so much better. It was something that frustrated me because I knew that I was a good student and this was going to bring down my grade. I still struggle with this today but I feel as though I have gotten better in time. Even on the first two days of college I was very nervous to even talk about myself in front of the whole class, but now I feel a…

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