The Skill Of Being Able For Tie Shoes Essays

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Life changes constantly from primal days to modern, technological days. Instincts are no longer sufficient to be successful in today’s environment. The educational curriculum today only teaches children and pushes them to go down one career path not teaching them multiple skills. Skills are required to be able to live and survive the world today. Practical skills are skills that will allow people to take care of themselves without constant supervision, such as putting on clothing. Practical skills can vary from brushing teeth to having a degree in a subject. Possessing multiple practical skills are what allow people to not be stuck figuring out and being puzzled over a problem, so without the push of learning practical skills people would be left clueless in today’s skill dependent society. The skill of being able to tie shoes is what allows people to transport around without tripping and hurting themselves and wasting time tot stop and tie them again. As practical skills become more complex, the skill of doing algebra can allow a person to further their education to acquire an adequate job. Do people put too much emphasis on learning practical skills? Some believe there is too little emphasis pushed to learned practical skills because they fear that one specific skill such as being able to flip burgers is not enough. The first form of practical skills was first shown and discovered in history from indigenous and primitive cultures such as tribes in Africa. Scientist have…

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