The Six Steps Of Effective Coaching Essay

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1. The Basics: The Six Steps of Effective Coaching
2. Dealing with emotionally charged situations
3. Being an effective delegate
1. The Basics: The Six Steps of Effective Coaching
The goal of the six steps of effective coaching is to understand the types of coaching needs and implement when applicable. To fulfill these coaching needs, I need to design a coaching style that fits the applicant. After applying this coaching style, I must evaluate how effective it was and areas that were weaker than others.
Step One: Build trust, rapport and partnership
The first step of effective coaching is building trust, rapport and partnership. To successfully create a bond with the person being coached and I, there is a procedure that I must follow. Before even coaching, I must understand the reasoning behind the individuals need for a coach. By knowing the reasoning, I am aware of what I need to do to help base my coaching upon that idea. After this point, it is mainly about creating a foundation of the relationship. It is better to look at the individual as a friend because the learning process helps strengthen both their motivation and the relationship. However, the way to become friends is by showing the individual the areas where I am weak and allowing them to express how they feel about the topic. Lastly, the main objective is to clearly specify the outcome of this experience and offer an incentive that both parties are satisfied.
Anthony is a friend from…

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