Essay about The Six Dimensions Of Health

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The six dimensions of health include physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental health. The quality of life of an individual or the overall well-being of an individual is determined by the interactions between these six dimensions. It was important for me to understand these dimensions, and find ways to ensure a balance of mind, spirit, and body. The knowledge from these dimensions allowed my the evaluate my quality of life of an individual or overall well-being. For every dimension of health, I created a group of question that I felt took the information from the book and applied it to my daily life. Physical health refers to the state of the body, and its ability to perform bodily functions. Also, it refers to the aspects that are essential for keeping the body in the best condition. When seeking optimum physical health, it is important to eat healthy and work out so you can feel and look your best. I see myself in active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful life. I evaluated myself using five questions. I used the following questions: I maintain healthy as well as balanced eating patterns; I get enough sleep to feel rested most nights of the week; I am active most days of the week – totaling 60 minutes a day of light effort, 30-60 minutes of moderate effort or 20-30 a day of vigorous effort; I avoid harmful behaviors and substances including drinking no more than 3 drinks of alcohol (for women)/4 drinks…

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