The Six Core Values And Goals Of Social Work

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Social work is an academic profession and a profession which aims at improving the subjective well-being and quality of life for individuals, couples, families, groups and communities through various ways. Some of these ways include researches, policies, direct practices, community organizing, crisis intervention, taking care of those affected by various forms of social disadvantages such as disabilities, mental or physical illness, poverty, social injustice, among others. Social workers also intervene in case of violations of human rights for such individuals. The field is dedicated to ensuring social justice is maintained as well as the well-being of the oppressed and marginalized individuals in the community.
Social work is known to have
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This mission is based on a set of core values that were formulated as the foundation of the unique purpose and perspective of social work. The six core values include service, social justice, integrity, competence, dignity and worth of a person, and importance of human relationships. Service as a core value aims at helping, providing the necessary resources and benefits so as to enable individuals to reach their maximum potential. The primary aim of social justice is to ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld and protected. Social justice ensures equal opportunities for everyone and also equal allocation of social benefits. The core value of dignity and worth of a person ensures a fair share for everyone since every person is worthwhile and unique. The fourth core value, importance of human relationship, exists in order for individuals to value the relationship that exists between them and a social worker. Integrity aims at maintaining the trustworthiness that exists between human beings. Finally, competence covers practice that exists within the scope of known abilities and …show more content…
The code of ethics is a guide to every social worker’s conduct and they apply to all social workers and students regardless of other factors. There exists a set of ethical principles based on the six core values of social work. The principles set forth standards that all social workers are expected to seek. For instance, the value of service has an ethical principle which states that the primary goal of a social worker is to address social problems and help those in need. They are expected to use their knowledge, skills and values to help and serve other people beyond their self-interest without any expectations of returns. The value of social justice also has an ethical principle which states that it is the duty of social workers to challenge social injustice. This includes representing the vulnerable and oppressed individuals in the society. The social change to be addressed includes issues such as poverty, discrimination, unemployment, among others. All these efforts should be aimed in ensuring that everyone gets a fair shot in access to information, services, resources as well as equal opportunities and a chance to participate in decision making. The core value of dignity and worth of the person also has an ethical principle which states that social workers should always respect the dignity of every individual. This

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