Essay about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Esaay

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Friendship exists everywhere in the world around and most of them are very complex. Sometimes in every friendship there is sacrifice. In Ann Brashares novel, ‘Forever in Blue’ there is a perfect demonstration of friendship and the power it has to make a difference in someone’s life. The relationship between the four main characters, Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget, is a strong one and they all share a special bond between one another. They all depend on one another and rely on each other. There are three instances where this general theme appears in the book. When Tibby has no idea of what she should do next and then Lena arrives to comfort her. Another instance would be when Carmen is at her opening night and she thinks that no one is …show more content…
Another time where a powerful friendship can change an instance is when Carmen, who is moments away from making her theater debut as an actress, is not feeling to good about herself and her performance. Especially since she just recently dropped her only friend at theater school. A preppy mean girl, Julia, who was only friends with Carmen because she lived off Carmen’s depressed and sad energy. But Lena, Tibby, and Bee were there in the theater cheering her on. And they had come for her. “In the presence of her friends, Carmen rediscovered the simplicity she had lost. She was better because of them and who they were. And the power they had to make her feel like a shining star.” With Carmen’s friends there, she had done amazing and had her four friends not been there, Carmen would have no confidence in herself and probably would not have go on stage and preformed. But she didn’t. Not with her friends there. They could not fail together. Their bond is most powerful when all four of them are together, not when they are all scattered over the country.
The final situation is when you see the power of friendship is when tragedy strikes and the girls must come together to find a solution to this horrible predicament. When Effie, Lena’s jealous little sister, takes the Traveling Pants out of Lena’s room out of spite towards Lena and her friends, she then decides to leave for Greece. Taking the Traveling Pants with her. Soon

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