Creative Writing: The Sins Of Brother Joke

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He grunted, stuffed a steaming hotcake in his mouth, and rushed from the cabin. Nanny and Nanko darted after him.
“Nanny. Nanko. Come back here!” As usual, the little goats ignored Millie and charged after the boy and his plate of food.
“They be fine,” Mary said, handing Sooxei a second plate. “We need more batter.”
Sooxei slipped past Millie and offered hotcakes to the first man she met. Soon men surrounded her and moments later she returned with an empty plate and a hopeful expression.
“I don’t like Nanny and Nanko out there,” Millie said. “They might get eaten.”
“Miss Millie!” Mary’s voice held both anger and exasperation. “Arapaho people not steal from Mr. Dom. They not hurt Nanny and Nanko.”
“Why did Miss Sooxei only feed the men?” Millie
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It tasted bitter so Millie added a bit of sugar. “You think it will work?”
“Ain’t sure she understood.” Mary grinned. “Either it help you get childers or help you get no childers. Guess you find out next month.”

Chapter 18: The Sins of Brother Bunce
January 24, 1864

“We are going to church, Mr. Drouillard!” Millie narrowed her eyes and stared at her husband. It was Sunday and she was sick to death of cooking for thirty Indians. For a few hours she wanted refined company, someone to cook for her, and to catch up on news about Widow Ferris’ murder.
“No,” Dom said, although there wasn’t much fight in his refusal.
“I’m out of flour, dry milk, eggs, and just about everything else. Plus, Mr. Jake said Brother Bunce is finally back in Idaho Springs.”
Dom stood up and stretched. “When was Jake here?”
“Yesterday. He said he was here to trade with the Arapahos, but …” Millie smiled. “Poor man. He’s sweet on Miss Mary but she won’t give him the time of day. Never seen her so unfriendly.”
“That means she’s sweet on him too.”
Millie shook her head. If that male logic was what Jake believed, the poor man was on his way to a heartache. “Go put on your Sunday clothes and let’s find out what Brother Bunce

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