The Sin Of Adam And Eve Essay examples

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The Sin of Adam and Eve

In the passage titled Of the Equal or Unequal Sin of Adam and Eve, two authors; Isotta Nogarola and Ludovico Foscarini, argue about the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. Nogarola starts her claim by stating that Eve lacked a sense and constancy and that she therefore sinned less than Adam did. In her case the serpent thought of Adam as invulnerable because of his constancy. Adam was unable to be persuaded by the serpent because he was created so that he would not change his opinion or state of mind, but Eve was not created that way therefore making her vulnerable. God also lead his command more towards Adam to not eat the fruit from the tree because he esteemed the man more highly than the women. Adam was therefore more guilty for the sin than Eve. Nogarola also claims that Eve was weak and inclined to indulge on the fruit. Therefore, she does not see this as a sin, however if Adam had not eaten the fruit that Eve gave him, her sin would have no consequences. She believes in general Adam’s punishment was harsher than Eve’s because God had said to Adam, “to dust you shall return,” (Bartlett, 91) which means Adam has a greater chance of death. Ludovico Foscarini sees things in reverse. He believes Eve’s sin should be more condemned than Adam’s because she was assigned a harsher punishment, she believed she was made more like God, and that she caused Adam’s sin. Eve, according to Foscarini, sinned from ignorance and inconstancy. He backs up his…

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