The Simpsons ' Influence On The American Society Essay

798 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The Simpsons are often looked at as simply a comedy show but in reality the television program is so much more. The Simpsons have been around since 1989 and from the beginning of it’s conception the writers have been commenting on the world around them. The program started a revolution in the television world and has sparked many copy cat shows. The show can be considered one of the greatest show in the history of television. This not simply because it creates laughs on the surface but under the surface the show provides cultural references and comments on the American society. Whether the show is discussing family values or the role of women in society The Simpsons have continually been on the forefront of change and political discourse. The television program paints a strong picture of what truly is the American society. The Simpsons have great literary and cultural value in the American society. It can be argued that The Simpsons is something that should be greatly studied by all. The show uses humor on the surface to convey a deeper message. These messages are strong and comment greatly on the culture in America. The show’s comments on the American society is what creates the value in The Simpsons. The writers often say things that many people would be afraid to say to another person let alone on a television show that broadcasts to a mass audience. The Simpsons family is a cookie cutter American family. Homer represents the part time father who would rather drink a…

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