The Simpson 's Mirror Effect On America Essay examples

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The Simpson’s Mirror Effect on America
The names Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are all recognized throughout American culture as the Simpson’s, which is a successful animated series that portrays the story of a dysfunctional family from Springfield. The significance of dysfunction that is used in an ironic fashion to highlight problems that many families in America suffer through daily. The human folly that is present in the story telling of the Simpsons is important because it highlights a plethora of issues that are taking place throughout the United States today. The writer uses this approach to connect with the audience by including relatable issues that affect the middle class. While attempting to persuade the viewers through satirical writing to solve the problems that adversely affecting our culture. The fact that the animated series the Simpsons, currently provides modern society with a series of mixed blessings. These mixed blessings produced from the show are directly defined by each viewer’s ability to understand the rampant sarcasms present in the show. In my opinion, the sitcom series the Simpsons is a direct reflection of the working middle class Americans and the struggles that the working social class faces today.
What has enabled the Simpsons to become relevant and stay well past the shows original fifteen minutes of fame is that Americans relate easily to the characters varying range of emotions. The reaction causes viewers to sympathize with the…

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