The Simpson Murder Trial : The Trial Of The Century Essay

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The OJ Simpson murder trial is often regarded as the trial of the century, but was it actually? There are many questions in this trial that will be highlighted, like the evidence against OJ, and how he got the cut on his hand, and why the prosecution made OJ try on the bloody gloves. Also, was there another killer? Could it have been OJ’s son, Jason Simpson? Finally, why was the black community so overwhelmed when OJ was acquitted?
First, what evidence was found that would make people believe that OJ committed these horrific murders? Well, there was a large amount of evidence not in OJ’s favor. First, we must take a look at the frequent 911 calls from Nicole Brown, OJ Simpson’s ex wife, the woman who was murdered. OJ had a history of domestic violence against Nicole, 911 tapes were released of a frightened Nicole asking for help, because she thought OJ was going to hurt her. Another key piece of evidence was the blood evidence. The killer dropped blood at Bundy (where the crime took place). Also the blood dropped at Bundy was of the same type as Simpson 's (about 0.5% of population would match) (The Trial of O. J. Simpson: The Incriminating Evidence) Simpson also had fresh cuts on his left hand, detectives realized that the killer was bleeding out of his left hand after the murder, so Simpson was a prime suspect. Another key piece was the blood found in OJ’s Bronco, and blood found in master bedroom of Simpson home. (The Trial of O. J. Simpson: The Incriminating Evidence)…

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