The Simple Life At Virtue Hill Essay

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The Simple Life at Virtue Hill
One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Virtue Hill in Vietnam. I grew up there, and I return year after year to seek the solitude. Virtue Hill is the name of a boarding school and means “God Place.” One of the most picturesque sites is looking up the hill from the village road. The view is spectacular with the school at the top, and the green, fertile farmland below.
When I was a fourth grader, my father as a soldier was often deployed far away from home. My mother sent me to an elementary boarding school, at the Virtue Hill for my education. Walking to the hill was my great experience for learning coping skills, for developing self-discipline, and being independence. Living in a new place, I met the difficulties; however, I overcame them. As I grew up, I let go of the dependence of my parents, I became more independent by developing body, mind, and character.
As I am trying to visualize what of my life in a room and boarding school, I can see the school in a small village, from the top of the Virtue Hill, located next to its monastery. Virtue Hill Elementary was a gorgeous school that represented discipline to me. It was through living in the church boarding school that I learned to develop coping skills. I lived better with less. I admitted that the fresh food was good, and we fasted and abstained more often from meat. In addition, I conformed to the school prohibition of reading romance. I remember vividly the simple life at Virtue…

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