Essay on The Similarities Of The Nazi Party And The Party

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The similarities of the Nazi party and the Party in 1984
Throughout the course of history, many political groups with radical ideas have made their mark in history. These heinous groups include the Communist Party in Russia and the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. The rise of these political parties was due to various reasons. But, one distinguishing feature of these groups is that they were cultivated in the presence of fear. One of the most recognized of the recent radical groups was the Nazi party, an extremist group that originated in Germany. In 1984, Orwell used the Nazi party as a model for the Party that Winston Smith knows. Due to this, they share many similarities. Both the Nazi party and the Party from the novel 1984 exhibited similarities in such ways as how they came to power, the philosophies associated with each group, and the individuals involved in the parties.
The Nazi party came into existence after the First World War ended. The Treaty of Versailles was one of the official documents to end this war, which rendered Germany not only unable to have an active military but resulted in German currency having no value whatsoever. Germany was forced to sign the document by the winners of the First World War, whom included the United States and Great Britain. This Treaty served as the last blow to the already decimated country that was Germany. Germans were humiliated about the terms on which the First World War ended. Due to this, Germans were…

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