The Similarities Of The Nazi Party And The Nazi Party In 1984

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The similarities of the Nazi party and the Party in 1984
Throughout the course of history, many political groups with radical ideas have made their mark in history. These heinous groups include the Communist Party in Russia and the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. The rise of these political parties was due to various reasons. But, one distinguishing feature of these groups is that they were cultivated in the presence of fear. One of the most recognized of the recent radical groups was the Nazi party, an extremist group that originated in Germany. In 1984, Orwell used the Nazi party as a model for the Party that Winston Smith knows. Due to this, they share many similarities. Both the Nazi party and the Party from the novel 1984 exhibited
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Germany was forced to sign the document by the winners of the First World War, whom included the United States and Great Britain. This Treaty served as the last blow to the already decimated country that was Germany. Germans were humiliated about the terms on which the First World War ended. Due to this, Germans were desperate for a leader to fix the economy of Germany and once again bring back German pride (Tillotson). The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazi party, appealed to this much needed national pride. The Nazi party’s most popular leader emerged as Adolf Hitler. Hitler, viewed as a common man in Germany due to his service as a soldier in the First World War, became the voice of the Germans. Hitler and the party behind him served as what the German people yearned for- a group to restore the powerful nation that once was Germany ( Staff). The origins of the Nazi party are similar to the origins of the Party in 1984 because the Nazi party had Adolf Hitler as their …show more content…
The Nazi party systematically murdered Jews and homosexuals among many other groups that Hitler believed were unfit for Germany. One such group was intellectuals ( Staff). This is similar to the Party vaporizing Syme, who is described by Smith as an educated individual whom is most likely too educated for the likings of the Party (Orwell 147). The extermination of educated individuals was due to the fact that these men and women have the capability of creating an uprising because they question what is happening to them and they have the education required to compare their standard of life to another’s. Those whom were in the Nazi party included those who were seen as fit to be Germans. This recruitment of the perfect German peoples began with Hitler Youth. This organization was similar to the brainwashing ability of the Youth League and the Spies (Orwell 22). These organizations specifically targeted children who are easy to teach party principles and ideas to (Smelser). The great majority of the time the individuals involved in both the Nazi party and the Party were blindly obedient individuals who would not question sometimes outrageous claims. In the Nazi party, this was due to the economic collapse and the desperation to restore Germany to its original glory (Smelser). In the Party, this was simply due to the lack

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