Cost Of Tuition

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Universities in the United States offer the same thing students want: a degree. Universities offer degrees in several areas while others offer degrees in certain concentrations. The degree allows students the opportunity to get a job and pay off their debt that accumulated from student loans. Tuition varies at every university and schools that ranks are high tend to have a higher cost of tuition. Tuition is always a decisive factor for students who cannot afford to attend such institution. Students are willing to go to a school with lower tuition, but is paying more worth it or important? Schools with high or low tuition have similarities and differences, but they offer a similar type of education.
Universities vary in cost of tuition,
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It explains the rise in tuition and difference. Inflation is a main contributor in the rise of tuition. Since nonprofit schools do not get funded by the government, they have to raise tuition to keep the school open and to give out the same amount of financial aid to those students who cannot afford to pay to attend the university. According to John Schoen an online journalist writes in his article “The Real Reasons a College Degree Costs so Much” “But from now on, unless inflation is halted, there 's no choice in the matter but to continue raising tuition” (Schoen). According to Schoen tuition will continue to rise until inflation stops. Due to the shaky economy and rise in wages inflation will continue thus the increase in tuition. As tuition rises due to inflation, the government pays for this and gives the public school money. Private schools are able to afford when tuition increases by getting donations through alumni’s and through students who pay full price. When comparing the past to the present it is evident that more students are going to college. The competition to get a good job has increased and in order to get a decent job it is helpful to get a college education. Paul Campo helps uses facts to bring a good point in the rise of tuition, saying “Enrollment in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs has increased by almost 50 percent since 1995” (Campos). More students …show more content…
When I say education is the same everywhere it is. Students succeed at school is if they put in the effort to succeed. There are some benefits, but if the students’ do not put in the effort they will end up with the same result and fail. The College confidential staff is from a website who write articles about colleges to help students pick the right one brings up a good point by saying “Many people are looking for the least-expensive route to a professional or technical credential that can move them into a skilled job” (CC staff). This quote shows that going to a public school will benefit them and shows that going to a school with tuition isn’t as important. The CC staff also brings a point that supports schools with higher tuition, saying “If you’re looking for a broader, more diversified approach to education, then some variation of the live-away-from-home choice makes sense, though it’s more expensive.”(CC Staff 1). This shows that going to a private school with higher tuition doesn’t matter because they are going for the hands on experience. The amount also does not matter because the schools can help pay via scholarships, grants, or merit based scholarships. In a sense it is worth going to a school with higher tuition and it is worth it because public schools cannot afford to help pay with tuition or give as much aid to every student, but public schools accommodate for this by costing

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