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Diana, Princess of Wales, often referred to as Princess Diana or Princess Di by her people who adore and love her so much. She was born on July 1, 1961 and her wonderful, yet short life ended on August 31, 1997 . Princess Diana was a far relative to the Royal Family before she got married. After she took on her royal title, she had been doing all sorts of charity work all over the world and won over the heart of millions. Her marriage was considered as a fairy tale before her divorce. As she was a commoner before she got married to Prince Charles, she was often being compared to Princess Grace of Monaco, who was also a commoner before getting married to the royalty.

Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco was born on November 12, 1929 and died on September 14, 1982, aged 52 from a car crash. She was also a commoner before she got married to the royalty. Unlike Princess Diana, Princess Grace of Monaco was not related to the royalty in Monaco in any way. Grace Kelly was an Oscar winning actress from Philadelphia, US. She retired from her acting career after marrying Prince Rainer of Monaco. After she took on the title of Princess Grace of Monaco, she devoted herself into fulfilling royal duties such as diplomatic visits to other countries and helping the needy through her
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Princess Diana was a commoner and not royal before her marriage; but she was part of the British aristocracy, descended from King Charles II. Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia, US. Her father, Jack Kelly was a self-made millionaire, and also three times Olympic gold medalist in sculling. Her father Jack made a fortune from ownership of a successful east coast construction company. The fact that the two of them were commoners before they got married to the royalties had great impacts on their countries as their people thought of their marriage as fairy

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