The Similarities And Differences Between My Mother And Dad

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Most parents fight about if they are their kids favorite or not, or which parent the kids love more. Children have been comparing parents forever and for so many years, well at least I did. It made it easier to get what I want because I would compare their personalities to my advantage (that is before my dad left). I usually compare them on how they react to certain things that I say. When comparing my parents based on personality and affection. There are obvious differences between my mom and dad. My mom (Lisa Nakawatase) is 41, her height is 5 '5 and she is Japanese and Caucasian. She was raised in the typical nuclear household; A mom, dad and a brother. She went to Parkland High school and got her masters in education. She became …show more content…
My mom is very organized, determined and punctual. She always is on time, when she says that she is going to be there; she`s going to be there 5 minutes earlier. Mother loves to clean and keep an organized house, she absolutely hates things being out of place and dirty. Lisa was an A student and never let ANYTHING get in her way, she loved school and working. She worked hard her whole life. Daddy on the other hand was the total opposite from her. He was always late (or didnt show up), he did not stress and he did`nt find things as important as she did. My dad never stressed about his house being clean, he cleaned up but if my sister or I spilt something then he would`nt freak out about it like my mom would. My dad was the worst person to ever depend on, he was always late. He would tell me that he was coming at 5 oclock and I would wait hours and hours but he would never come. He never cared about time. Anthony never took anything serious. He made C`s and D`s with occasional B`s throughout high school but he was also raised very different. Dad lived in a dysfunctional house, my grandma would leave for days at a time and my granddaddy was left and he never looked back. He let his upbringing determine some his life …show more content…
My dad disciplined me by just talking to me and making write sentences over and over. I was never punished by my dad, he never grounded me. He nonchalant attitude leaked into his parenting. He never ever yelled or cussed at me. When I was little I liked that but being almost 17, I realized that he just did`nt care if did something to hurt myself or get myself into trouble. My dad has been very inconsistent in my life so I don 't think he ever got the chance to really discipline me because he was`nt around. I do not think that my dad was never really attached to me because he always left with ease, he never put up a fight for me; he just left because it was easier. My mother spanked me when I was little but she never beat me and she would talk to me afterwards about why she did it and that she was sorry for hurting me. Mom was always my favorite because I knew that she ALWAYS cared about me, I never had any doubt about my moms love. Whenever I made a bad grade or did something wrong, she would take anything that plugged in the wall or ran by battery away from me for 2-3 weeks. I have heard my mom yell before when I wouldnt listen to her but it was never constant. Mom was always (and still is) really attached to me. She loved me more than herself and I could feel it. Even to this day I feel it. For example, last weekend my mom told me so many times to wear a jacket

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