Japan Vs Cambodia

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Both Japan and Cambodia are countries which belong to Asia, the largest continent on Earth. On the other hand, based on the term “geographical realm”, they are in different realms. One is in East Asia, and the other is in Southeast Asia. They also have the distinction in many aspects such as physical pattern, history, population features, economic and political issues, and socio-cultural issues. The characteristics of Japan and Cambodia will be explored obviously by looking at the similarities and differences in the above aspects.
In the physical patterns, as mentioned earlier, Japan and Cambodia are countries in Asia. However, Japan is located in the east coast of East Asia. Japan itself is known as a chain of islands, or “archipelago” in terms of geography. There are thousands of islands that make up this country, including the four main islands: Honshu, the largest island; Hokkaido; Shikoku; and Kyushu. It also means it is surrounded by the body of water, including the Sea of Japan to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the East, and the Sea of China to the southwest. This country is mainly rugged and
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They are mostly located on the coast such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, etc. Nevertheless, Japan has a much higher urban population than Cambodia, which is 93.5% of total population (2015). The CIA World Factbook estimated Japan has a population of 126 million (2016), making Japan the 11th country in the world by population and about eight times population of Cambodia. The population growth rate is -0.19%. This number indicates that there are more deaths and emigration than births and immigration in Japan. The population density in Japan is 897 per square mile, which high compared to Cambodia. Japan 's high population density is a factor that has helped promote extremely high land

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