Essay The Silk Route Of Trade Routes

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Throughout history, people from all over the globe have engaged in trading in order to attain desired goods. Trading helped early civilizations establish both economic and political relationships that would prove all-important for the future. However, trading was not all about the exchange of physical goods and materials; trading also facilitated the spreading of ideas, philosophies, and even culture. The Silk Road is a prime example of trading that involved more than just silk, as its name may suggest. The Silk road was an ancient network of trade routes that spanned from China to the Mediterranean and also branched off into different regions of Eurasia. All of the trading done through this system played a tremendous role in developing cities that were now able to acquire many of their wanted commodities. The Silk Road, also known as the “Silk Route”, was a web of roads that has origins dating back to around the 2nd century BC (200 BC). This was just before the second imperial dynasty of China, the Han Dynasty, came to power. The Han dynasty had a Chinese official and diplomat, Zhang Qian, who is credited with opening up the Silk Road, which gradually grew and branched out throughout the dynasty. Qian was sent out on a journey to the Western Regions twice, from 139 BC to 129 BC and during these journeys he pioneered the Silk Road. There were a few wars fought against the Huns, by famous generals in the Han dynasty and they helped to remove obstructions along the trade…

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