The, Silent Spring, By American Marine Biologist Rachel Carson Evoked A Public Sense Of Environmental Crisis

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1. Introduction
In 1962, the famous book – “Silent Spring” written by American marine biologist Rachel Carson evoked a public sense of environmental crisis. The complexity of environmental issues determines that the compulsory measures alone are not enough. The “government failure” on environmental issues let us realize that the role of environmental protection can 't just be the environmental protection department. The solution of the environmental problem still needs to depend on the consciousness of the whole civil society and the sense of environmental responsibility. Environmental NGOs as the carrier of an organizational group, provides a broad platform for the public to participate in the environmental protection. However, the development of Environmental NGOs in China are facing many challenges, such as ability, policy, publicity, and financial. The status quo and development of the Environmental NGOs in China are not commensurate with the status of the nation’s great powers, and are not conducive to the effective participation of environmental protection and governance. Therefore, in-depth analysis of the status quo of China 's Environmental NGOs’ development, to explore the factors influencing its development. It is particularly important provide feasible suggestions for it to play a greater role in environmental protection and sustainable economic development.

The annual APEC conference has been concluded in Beijing. APEC is the abbreviation for the Asia Pacific…

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