Essay on The Silent Role Of Death

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In this world there are a lot of things that go unnoticed in life that people take advantage of. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it 's more bigger than you think, however, they can make the difference on how you operate. To give better clarity, there are some jobs, even careers if you boldly say, are known to be the silent roles in life. Certain things that people are not willing to do simply because they do not want to do it or because they feel as if they are not ready for it mentally or physically. However, in the world of the dead, nothing seems like there are morals or anything that can surprise anyone.

Death is an interesting concept because it’s a vital part that everyone plays in the figure of life. We start, we end, and to some who believe, we begin anew again or become one with the world. However, how exactly does one make that transition in this world. For nature the process is very simple as we have organisms that are built specifically to decompose bodies and return us back to the earth. For humans however, we have the lovely and talented Moriticans who help us get there.

By standard definition a morticians are basically undertakers. However, the way a mortician works is consistently different from how the normal decomposers work. Unlike most, Morticians have a different way of handling dead bodies due to how unique the body is when it comes to death. “In death, we usually say that the body is visited by the Mortis brothers, so it makes the job difficult.”…

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