The Silent Pool And The Wog By Khushwant Singh Essay

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One Foot in Tradition, One Foot Out of Modernity In an ever-shifting society, change is one’s only constant. As individuals transition into a more modern, technologically advanced age, more and more grow discontent with the practice of traditional customs. Although much of what we do now, even after conforming to modernity, roots deep in the traditions of our ancestors, many find themselves deciding whether to adapt to modernity or stick with their traditions. The “labels” of modern and traditional simultaneously pull in opposite directions. The literary texts Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Gooboora the Silent Pool by Oodgeroo Noonucal and The Wog by Khushwant Singh demonstrate that while modernity and traditions can exist within the same culture, it is difficult to live both lifestyles simultaneously across a broad spectrum of different continents.
Modernity rids one’s needs for tradition. As people advance into a more modern way of life, the need for tradition simply disappears. Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s Australian poem, Gooboora, the Silent Pool is a lamentation on the rapidly thinning Aboriginal community since modernization. In the fourth stanza she writes, “Gooboora, Gooboora, still here you remain / But where are my people I look for in vain? / There are gone from the hill, they are gone from the shore, / And the place of the Silent Pool knows them no more (Noonuccal 1). The author depicts an Aboriginal community that abandoned their traditions, specifically the…

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