Essay on The Silent Killer Of Success

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The Silent Killer of Success

Thirty-one million students have dropped out of college in the past twenty years. Increasing the number of college graduates is what society needs in order to move it’s people in a progressive and educated direction. Having a college degree is a very valuable key to success in one’s life and it is desired by many to get the better perks out of life such as an opening the student up to a network of professionals and offering training to students showing credibility giving a higher chance of them to get hired with the completion of a college degree leading to a higher income and a successful life financially. Yet, the biggest thing standing between a student and the degree is the stress that the student will unavoidably endure. A student will experience much stress through a variety of things: paying off college loans, family problems, housing, a social life, work, and that’s not even touching the surface of the rigorous courses that students must endure on top of this all. The stresses of college make it harder to complete than it should be and it leads to many students giving up on their dreams of success. In order to decrease the number of college dropouts, all college students must immediately be enrolled into stress workshops, therefore, increasing the chances of earning a college degree for every college student. Of the thirty-one million students who dropped out of college in the past twenty years, a third of the students dropped out…

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