Essay about The Silent Killer Of Human Assessment

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Stereotypes can be the silent killer of human assessment We as people are sometimes judged for all the wrong reason whether it be race, religion or gender. Stereotypes can be the silent killer of human assessment when there is no evidence to back up your claims being made. I learned a very good lesson this day about my culture identity which is my race over a span of a week and it gave me some perspective in life. I was able to be more aware of prejudgment because of my ethnicity that caused conflict. I endured being stereotyped because of how I looked and dressed, I experienced discomfort and unacceptance by someone I didn’t even know, So I decided to place myself in a better environment to ease my stress and feelings of unacceptance. The decisions I made going forward helped a lot in a way it was a blessing because this made me mentally stronger.

Now most people go around the world looking for acceptance I don’t but I believe being accepted is beyond your control so why worry. Theres places I can go where I will be judged because I’m African American and other places because of my actions so sometimes I wear clothing that may make me appear to fall into a stereotype. Whether it be a hat in basketball shorts and that’s normal to me but to others this is different they may think I am in a gang. I can just be wearing the hat because it’s cold or my hair is a mess in I don’t want to…

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