The Silent Hero Of The Profession Essay

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CPS (Child Protective Services): The villain in the public or the silent hero of the profession. who has the best interest for the child?
The horror of a child being taken away from his/her parents is something that no parent ever wants. Protecting children is the most important thing that the public can do as they are our future. When a child is taken away from his/her family and placed in a foster care home, broken away from his/her family. The removal of a child from his/her family is one of the worst things that ever happen.
“Research shows that child maltreatment is not associated specifically with ‘parental drug use as a single risk factor, but rather with the complex interplay between drug use, maternal psychopathology, parenting practices, family environment (including spousal relationship and the availability of social support), and socioeconomic factors such as unemployment and poverty” (Olsen 4).
On the other hand, CPS work is the silent hero for removing children out of dangerous situations. On the alternative side of the spectrum CPS is disguised as villains by parents for losing their children to the system, that rails into breaking up the family structure. There have been countless stories of false reports of abuse and neglect. There is no argument that protecting children is one amongst and foremost vital duties that parents and citizens of society will ever have as children are the future. Abuse is currently a plague. For each of the government opinions…

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