The Silenced Dialogue Analysis

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In The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other

People’s Children, Lisa Delpit analyzes and discusses the large effects that the

“culture of power” has on the education of children whom are of minorities and

varying socioeconomic statuses. This “culture of power” is one of the key reasons

why the dialogue concerning how to educate a diverse student population is

silenced between African American teachers and their Caucasian counterparts.

There are many ways to approach beginning the dialogue and this conversation

can begin in two different ways: between the teacher and classroom, and in the

way that teacher policies that are being construed. Delpit shockingly states in

conclusion “I don’t speak of how I wish
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Delpit believes that there is disconnect between the standards that are

being put in place for instruction of literacy and the way in which it would be

beneficial to instruct students of color. In order for instruction to be changed the

opinions of the teachers who would be familiar with educating these students need

to be heard, unfortunately this is very difficult to do because of the oppressing

way in which the culture of power operates. Delpit believes that skills-based

instruction would be the most beneficial for the poor and black children, however

this can also have a negative aspect when it is assumed that these children can be

placed into a category. She believes that these children need to be given the tools

in order to be affluent in communicating with other cultures. There are other

factors that students of color look at when deciding whether a teacher is of value

one of the key factors is authority, “many people of color expect authority to be

earned by personal efforts and exhibited by personal characteristics” (p. 35) At

first, this can be overlooked when deciding which teacher is assigned to which

classroom but it can make a large impact on the black students and

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