The Silence, By Taduesz Borowski's 'Silence'

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The Survivors Taduesz Borowski’s “Silence” occurred in a concentration camp. In this story, the prisoners were able to implement their revenge against a German soldier by “tramping him to death” (641). “I assure you that the guilty will be punished, in this camp as well as in all the others” (641), despite of the reassurance that was provided to them by an American soldier they still continued to pursue their plan by attaining justice with their own hands. All the glimpse of hope they had were all gone by the wind. They were able to vent out all their hatred and grudge when they were given the opportunity to hold a soldier as their hostage. Their time has come and at least for once the tables have turned around for them to able to vent out …show more content…
In this concentration camp, Jews were treated as slaves, starved to death, exterminated into gas chambers and if they’re healthy enough they would be subject for medical experimentation. With that being said, we couldn’t blame the prisoners for actually taking the matter into their own hands. As the Kommandant tried to convince them, “We must show our respect for the law. I assure you that the guilty will be punished, in this camp as well as in all the others. You have already seen, for example, that the S.S. men were made to bury the dead,” it is difficult for them to trust his words after what they went through and the fear that remains inside their hearts that the same tormenting experience might happen again (641). What Nazis has done to them and to their loved ones are very inhumane and no one could even imagine that someone is actually capable of doing that to someone else. It resulted as an eye for an eye. If law actually exists then they shouldn’t be in that undesirable situation. The prisoners resorted in taking vengeance by “taking one of the soldier’s life” (641). We can infer that Borowski’s guilt in participating on that cruel act made him realized that he also committed the same inhumane lawless deed that was done to them by the Nazis and decided to end his own

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