Essay on The Silence And Serenity Of The St. Joseph 's Abbey Property

2104 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
From the moment that I stepped out of the car and onto the St. Joseph’s Abbey property I noted that there was a silence, which was peaceful and unusual for me. The dichotomy between the loud sounds of students walking out of Hogan and cars speeding by at Holy Cross and the silence of the monastery apart from our group of students conversing with one another was particularly striking. This really surprised me because it was unusual for me to be in such a calm and silent place and I instantly felt a feeling of peace come over me. I think that this silence and serenity is indicative of a simpler and purer life in which one is able to block out all the distractions of the world around them and focus on their connection with God, which is in essence the whole purpose of monasticism. As I looked around the property there seemed to be acres and acres of land on all four sides of the monastery. The fields were green with grass and carefully mowed throughout. There was a large two-story field stone building in the middle of the field that had several arches that led to an overhang and large windows that seemed to look into the monastery’s hallway. This was fairly surprising to me because while I had spoken to friends who had visited the monastery with other classes and was told that it was a very big property, I was struck by just how large it was and how long it took me to drive up from the entrance to the monastery. The most notable feature of the building seemed to be a vast…

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