Essay about The Signs Of Depression And Depression

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A mental illness that takes weeks and sometimes years for the person to start feel normal again is depression. It can completely take over their life. A person who is struggling with this illness feels like everything around them is falling apart. That there is no way out of the darkness or the endless hopelessness that is surrounding someone every day. Most depressed people are teenagers, they are embarrassed to ask anyone for help. About five in ten teenagers have major episodes of depression that never get treated or helped. Most teenagers with this illness do not get the help they really need (Martin 11). The signs of depression is as follows, the person will have the lack of energy and will not want to do anything. They will feel worthless, hopeless, and have guilt about just about anything. They will have problems concentrating on school and things that they once loved to do. They will have a hard time sleeping at night, they will tend to think or attempt to harm/kill themselves in any way they can find. Anger can play a big part in depression. A person with depression will refuse to leave their room. These are some of the signs of depression in an individual (Martin 12-13). Many friends and family members think that someone can just be happy when they have depression. Many people think it is just for attention, they say “Snap out of it” or “Just be happy for once”. It is not that simple, depression takes time to get over. When someone tells a depressed person this…

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