The Significance Of Writing And Life Essay

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The significance of writing in life
It was a dull gray morning with the sky filled with dark, crimson and amber-tinted clouds. I stepped down from my school bus and slowly walked towards my school with my friends clinging to each other and expressing our anxiety as today we will receive our half-yearly exam papers that we just did last week. I walked down the hallway with apprehension flowing down my throat. I went to my classroom and sat down with my friends. My classroom teacher also my English teacher, always quiet, reserved and amicable to students entered our classroom and called upon the names of the students to pass our composition1 and 2 graded exam papers. She called upon the names and each student went up to her desk to receive their boon or bane of the day. “Mathi Bharathi,” cried my teacher. I slowly walked towards her and my heart palpitated faster as I grew near her. She had a pleasant smile while giving my papers, so I pacified myself and slowly opened the shining illuminant white paper to see my grade. But, I was deeply devastated as “I feel like my heart is shattering into pieces as a breaking news pierced into my heart. I got a 78 on my Composition 1 exam and an 80 on my Composition 2 exam.” Why in the world is English subject so hard in my school in India? Why are poems and prose so hard to fathom? Why should I often get lower grades in English compared to other subjects such as science, math, history and geography in which I ace with 95, 96 and 99?…

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