Essay On The Reconquista

Decades after the prophet Muhammad’s death in 632 c.e., Islam spread rapidly across North Africa, and soon expanded to Europe. The Reconquista was a series of the complexing struggle of territory between Muslim Moors and Christian Asturias, continuing for 780 years because of the desire for land and profit. In 711 an invading Muslim army crossed the Straits of Gibraltar into Iberia and by 718 had conquered most of the peninsula. The significance of the Reconquista is the reference to the defeat of the Moors in 1492 by the Christians. The beginning of the Reconquista occurs when Pelagius of Asturias lead a rebellion against Munuza, who was a Muslim governor. Pelagius was a Visigothic nobleman, and with becoming a leader of the local nobility, he had gathered all available support from his …show more content…
Christian kings would fight amongst them more than the Muslims because of the military tactics and money that were at stake. Also, religious overturns did give convenient excuses to ask for help from other Christian kingdoms, like in the crusades, and also provided grounds to grant bills and exemptions for their massacring from God. It also provided a convenient way to dehumanize the enemies because Heretics and Infidels were not considered as humans. However, the Reconquista negatively impacted the Muslims. Religious tolerance was liberated in Spain and particularly Christians were allowed to stay. Most Muslim and Jewish people either died in the process or fled from the Iberian Peninsula back to Northern Africa. The Reconquest of Spain also socially impacted cultural diffusion as well during the prolonged battles and fighting. The Christian kings would kidnap Muslim woman for their personal use, therefore, causing the two cultures and races to combine. Sincerely, it caused several different hardships for the Muslims but mostly and social rule in the Christian Kingdoms, in which they

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