The Significance Of The Gryphon Essay

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The Significance of the Gryphon
In Charles Baxter’s “Gryphon”, a substitute teacher named miss Ferenczi told the tale of her seeing a “Gryphon” influencing the idea of imagination and knowing of interesting facts (597). Characterizing miss Ferenczi herself as a unique person the children get exposed too. Different from what the norm is in an education system.
Being new to a community where the children were used to mothers and college graduates being there substitute having an unfamiliar face in the class already drew their minds to curiosity (592-593). Miss Ferenczi at the beginning starts off by telling the children an opening story about herself before getting into actual work that was left for the students to work on while their teacher was out sick (593). Story telling is a widespread of possibilities in what people might make up or tell from past experiences. In a story or in a statement an actual fact or just interesting fact might appear within. Miss Ferenczi specializes in a type of storytelling that she makes out to be true to her and sparking an idea in the children to think a certain way in. Actual fact is a statement that has been proven and has evidence, but a fact to one person to another might be true for them and the other false.
In the education system there is an order in which things are done, leaving not much room for the idea of known interesting facts and imagination unless in an art class. The children are used to saying the Pledge of Allegiance to…

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