The Significance Of The Cornerstone Speech On The South And Their Movement At The Time

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When studied carefully, the historical significance of these two documents become very clear. From the significance of the cornerstone speech to the south and their movement at the time, to the significant differing views the north and south had of then president Abraham Lincoln. These documents help provide, at least, a glimpse of some of the issues that were forefront before, during and after the civil war. It is therefore important to be aware of some of the implications of these documents and the effects they might have had at the time. Beginning with Alexander H Stephens’ cornerstone speech, we are able to gain some type of understanding of his thinking and ultimately the reasoning for his support for the secession of the southern states from the union. His speech starts of interestingly by not necessarily discrediting the conclusion with which the north uses to justify the abolition of slavery, but he denounces the premise that was used to arrive at said conclusion. According to Alexander Stephens, the fundamental problem with the conclusion encouraged by those who drafted the original constitution, which basically stated that all men were created equal regardless of race, is that it was based on flawed ideology of sorts. To be able to arrive at the correct conclusion, Stephens argued that the nation, specifically the north, had to accept the moral truth that “the Negro was not equal to the white man”. Only by accepting this premise could the future of the…

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