The Significance Of State Institutions Essay

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The Significance of State Institutions:
A Comparison between Norway and Ethiopia
There are several different ways in which a state can choose to govern its citizens. The two types of government that are frequently analyzed and structurally oppose one another are authoritarian versus democratic regimes. The main difference between a democracy and an authoritarian regime is that a democracy is comprised of a government that reflects the wants of its citizens. On the other hand an authoritarian regime consists of a government that has unwavering control over its population. There is an ongoing promotion for democracy to be universally adopted as the dominant form of government. This promotion of democracy has not been fully successful due to there being many various factors that affect how a state will ultimately choose to govern its citizens. A factor that should be accounted for is the strength of the state’s political institution.
A successful society has to develop a political institution that allows individuals and organizations to be constructive and productive. Before further analysis it is important to clarify what is meant by the word ‘political institution’ for the purpose of this paper. The type of institution being used is in reference to a state’s government. “Institutions are rules of human behavior that provide incentives under which rational people act. They are accepted modes of behavior protected by culture” (Project Muse 2016). An examination of the…

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