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The Significance of Social Model Disability in “Falling Without Getting Hurt: Adventures in Disability” by Sara Cantor
Sara Cantor expresses some reflections about the feeling of people with disability related with social environment in the article “Falling without Getting Hurt: Adventures in Disability”. Through the text she emphasizes how external opinions or comments from people without enough knowledge about incapacities could affect or disturb people with disabilities.
In addition, the article criticizes the ambiguity of people behaviors towards disabled people; these conducts are not necessarily condescending or resentful, sometimes comprehensive behaviors could affect as well the feelings
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Several researches discuss the difference between impairment and disability: they express impairment as something related to physical or psychological natural variations and disability with social reactions to someone who has such differences. (Gallagher, Connor and Ferri 1120-1142) Moreover, some authors name these two concepts in an alternative way in order to clarify the differences; the terms “medical disability” and “social disability” referring to the latter are more specific and currently used.
The social model of disability delves into the fact of disable people not being able to develop a regular life due to the difficulties they face in their daily activities, hence, they do not have the same benefits other citizens do. Therefore, such barriers just not make more visible their differences, but additionally, it creates resistant practices by disable people, creating a new class of oppressed group in society. (Beckett and Campbell
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The practice of welcoming and inclusion of people with disabilities in society should be an integral part of our education to promote real and effective changes for this group of people. Social inclusion brings the balance of opportunities, mutual interaction of people with and without disabilities and their full access to society 's resources. As mentioned formerly, it is worth to remember that an inclusive society is committed to minorities and not just people with disabilities. Social inclusion is actually an encouraging measure that brings progressive effects to the economy, since the disabled and other minorities become productive citizens who participate in society actively and are aware of their rights and duties. Thus, the fight for social inclusion must be the responsibility of each individual and all

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