Nursing Theorists: The Principle Of Caring

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The Significance of Nursing Theorists
The Principle of Caring The principle of delivering compassionate, quality care is vital to a patient’s overall healthcare status. Patients and families are under extreme stress in the healthcare environment dealing with unfamiliar surroundings, determinants of health, personal dilemmas, notwithstanding possible family dynamics (Ahtisham, & Jacoline, 2015). Since nurses spend much of their time with patients and families, they have a major impact on patient care experiences. A compassionate approach in addition to supportive measures is imperative in my current nursing practice in conjunction with the teachings of theorist’s Virginia Henderson and Jean Watson.
Impacting Practice Renowned theorist Virginia
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“Henderson described the nurse's role as substitutive (doing for the person), supplementary (helping the person), complementary (working with the person), with the goal of helping the person become as independent as possible” (Ahtisham, & Jacoline, 2015, p. 444). Henderson defined nursing as a unique function of the nurse’s role is to assist with individualized care of the sick, which contributes to the patient’s performance of health and or recovery (Ahtisham, & Jacoline, …show more content…
Subsequently, as the years progressed, an understanding of differences in style, communication, conceptions of autonomy, found different theorist identified conceptual frameworks that improved patient care outcomes (Risjord, 2014). Comparatively, Henderson and Watson were patient-centered and wanted nurses to address patients’ care needs by promoting shared knowledge into the workplace setting. Both theorists emphasized the value of the human life were equally important alongside nursing practice guidelines, social development, focused care, education, and empowerment for nurses caring for human life. “While it became perceived as a necessity in how nurses assist patients on the continuum of illness to wellness, it became an interwoven theme and even synonymous with nursing itself” (Adams, 2016,

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