Junot Diaz's Fiesta 1980

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Guarantee of Function Not Included Inspiring fearful sentiments instead of respectful actions and behavior, results in the obscure complications between parents and their children, leaving lugubrious feelings as heritage. Junot Diaz’s “Fiesta 1980,” Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome, and Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” are exemplary texts to display the resentment the people from them had toward their parents from early stages of their lives. These literary pieces also remark negative incidents children encounter with their parents, and how such occurrences affect their image of the world and the people around them, portrays an image of what their future should be worth, as well as having mayor impact on the way they feel towards their parents when negative incidents return throughout their lives.

Parents deeply inculcate personal expectations on their children while raising them. The mother in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” expresses a shameful predisposition to her daughter’s future, “this is how
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The author of the story provides an idea of his father as a rather volatile and prideful man, “papi was old-fashioned; he expected our individual attention when you were getting your ass whupped. You couldn’t look him in the eye either-- that wasn’t allowed.” like many cases, the man’s macho behavior in the Diaz family is attempted to be justified by traditional roles previously respected in their culture. What the child in the story perceived of his father implies negative thoughts of him, “Earlier that year I’d written an essay in school called “My father the torturer,” but the teacher made me write a new one. She thought I was

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