The Sightings Of Ghost And Paranormal Activities Essay

1107 Words Oct 13th, 2014 5 Pages
The sighting of ghost has been around for millenniums, the reasons are endless. A national poll has been taken into account of how many American residences believe in the presence of the dead, 45% replied yes. Now a question begins to spark the minds of the intellectual society, do ghost really exist? Various theories have been brought up concerning the nonexistence of ghost and paranormal activities alike yet this idea of our dead loved ones seem so real. Scientist have been working on this case for decades trying to explain the reasons for these paranormal activities, through countless research they have reached a conclusion, these illusions we see are tricks done by our brain. One reasons scientist have concluded to be the reason of such sightings of ghostly companions is that of sleep paralysis. For those whom have claimed to be possessed or constrained by a ghost most of the time claim to have a restriction of movement, despite having full grasp of their surroundings. The voice in which is so familiar to yourself is gone and the only way to call for help is closed. Suring this process of being “possessed” people often experience paranormal activities such as seeing blurry figures, strange voices, or even sounds on the floor( such as footsteps of critter crawling). In the Chinese culture they view this stream of events as “ghost press” in which a person is unable to move while experiencing spooky events. While most would say this was the doing of ghost, in truth…

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