The Sight Of A Female Police Officer Essay examples

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The sight of a female police officer may catch the average person off guard, but people should embrace the fact that our culture is ever-changing and women can participate in the same roles as men. Statistics show that about 15% of women make up state, municipal, and county police officers.These numbers can vary though depending on the area of different police agencies. Women account for roughly 20% of all officers in cities and counties, but overall in state police departments women only account for less than 6% of the police force. Women often times fear becoming a part of police departments or serving in law enforcement due to their size. Women need to realize size has nothing to do with the matter. Their creativity, bravery, and strength (mentally) to deal with stressful situations and conflict are highly beneficial to the work force (“Women In Law Enforcement”). Understandably, women may face the infamous conflict with their colleagues known as sexual harassment. This can happen in any workplace though. Women have a great influence on their local communities, they endure tough mental and physical situations, but are also not held to the same standards as men. “The fact remains that while size may be considered a negative component by some, it is hardly an issue in a woman’s ability to complete police work” (Joseph M. Parker, “Women in Law Enforcement: A Relief, Not a Burden”). Men and women can work together equally with each other’s help. Where men may lack, women…

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