The Sight Captured At Nike Factory Essay

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The sight captured here portrays a snapshot of a Nike factory, and its employees. This facility seems to be packed in what seems to be a fairly adequate and clean environment. Employees are seen assigned in a tight grid, most likely as an effort for the company to maximize its efficiency. We see that most of the workers are female, and have physical attributes that point out to an Asian or South American ethnicity. With those observations, such a concentration of a collective identity, mainly the ethnicity portrayed, suggests belonging in the Asian and or South American continents, and is most likely outsourced for its vast and indentured labor force. Where the image sheds some light on the topic, it is the caption below, which speaks on behalf of its entirety. It states: “Nike has revealed the addresses of all its suppliers’ factories and has established a compliance department to monitor labor conditions in its supplier factories. (AFP: Supplied)”, alluding to corporate responsibility. This deals with the corporation’s duty to those groups and individuals they affect, including all stakeholders associated with the business. Stakeholders include the shareholders, suppliers, customers, and the very reason these businesses function-- the employees. As these outsourced nations are seen as an opportunity for mass and cheap manufacturing resorts, they also lack in human rights and deal with a struggling demography, desperate enough to work in any condition, for however…

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