Pros And Cons Of Resilience

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Every human being is unique, but we all have certain characteristics in common. We all have the ability to learn. We all have the ability to choose our own path. And we all have the ability to fall down. The tricky part is getting back up. The choice to get back up is one 's own. What determines one 's ability to get back up is their resilience. I see two choices one can make like two sidewalks: the sidewalk of resilience or the sidewalk of defeat. The sidewalk of resilience leads one to their favorite place in the whole world. The sidewalk of defeat leads one to a dark and gloomy place in the middle of nowhere. There is no one around and they are trapped there with nothing but their thoughts to keep them company. One can choose to be resilient …show more content…
Resilience "originally originated from the Latin word “resiliere,” which means to "bounce back"" (Barker Hosseini Marquez 1). Resilience means you can roll with the punches. When adversity happens or you experience a trauma and are experiencing many different emotions, you are still able to function. Resilience gives you the ability to see past your problems and handle stress. Resilience can be used when life gets tough, or when you make a mistake and feel like you can not overcome it. There are types of resilience and can be defined as: "Determination, Endurance, Adaptability, and Recuperability" (Taormina 36). "Determination is defined as the willpower and firmness of purpose that a person has and the decision to persevere and/or to succeed. Endurance is defined as the personal strength and fortitude that one possesses to withstand unpleasant or difficult situations without giving up. Adaptability is defined as the capacity to be flexible and resourceful, and to cope with adverse environments and adjust oneself to fit into changing conditions. Recuperability is defined as the ability to recover, physically and cognitively, from various types of harm, setbacks, or difficulties in order to return to and reestablish one’s usual condition" (Taormina 36-37). These four words in detail are

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