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Underage Drinking In Iowa Drinking holds host to several deaths every single year and happens to be the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Drinking also causes serious health problems and can trigger negative conditions such as depression, suicidal thoughts, lower inhibitions which can gateway into even worse circumstances, and most devastatingly it causes death to innocent lives due to drunk driving. Underage drinking is a very profound problem that exists amongst adolescents which can lead to many serious side effects. Teenage drinking is especially bad because teenagers are at the time in their lives where their minds are still young and developing. Underage drinking is a common hobby amongst those in their teens that many believe to …show more content…
There are many possible solutions that could help put a stop to underage drinking and one of these solutions falls on the responsibility of the parents and their duty to just talk about the issue. As parents, one should talk with their kids about the dangers and the consequences that can occur from underage drinking and discuss how many innocent lives are taken each year due to drunk driving. Make sure as parent you set consequences if the rule of not underage drinking is broken and show that you only are doing it because you care for them and their well being. Also, another way to help limit teen drinking is to have schools host more events that kids can attend on the weekends so they stay away from the pressure and influence to just go and drink on the weekends. Moreover, schools need to increase the amount of education about the harms of underage drinking in students and have guest speakers come in and talk about real life experiences. Lastly, another solution that would help reduce the number of teens from teen drinking is getting more kids to try out and get involved in sports. Parents need to influence their children and motivated them to join extracurricular activities so they keep busy and away from the temptations of partying and underage …show more content…
The act poses many threats to individuals including physical and mental health problems, harming innocent lives through losing through drunk driving, and it also leads to other riskier behaviors such as drug use and unprotected sex which can serve as a catalyst to other negative situations. Underage drinking is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and brought to light, the dangers of underage drinking far outweigh the pleasures and social life it is said to offer. Therefore, it is best to avoid alcohol consumption in general or at least until one turns the legal drinking

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