Essay on The Side Effects Of Radiation Therapy

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Radiation Therapy is a word many people with cancer hear on a weekly basis (need better introduction sentence). Radiation Therapy is used as a cancer treatment for more than half of the people diagnosed with cancer (1). Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells but it can also damage healthy cells and tissues which causes side effects. We often hear how effective radiation therapy is as a treatment for many types of cancer but we usually do not hear about the side effects many patients deal with after receiving this treatment. Some patients do not have any side effects from the therapy but others are not so lucky. Some side effects of radiation therapy occur because of the location of the treatment but others are an over-all side effect of the therapy. The side effects of radiation therapy can range from an acute side effect, such as skin irritation, or a chronic side effect such as fibrosis or memory loss. The three main side effects that patients experience from radiation therapy are fatigue, skin problems, and hair loss (fix/change this) A lot of patients going through treatment for cancer experience fatigue because of the amount of treatment that their body is experiencing. With this being said, Fatigue is the most common side effect that cancer patients receiving radiation therapy experience (2). Cancer- related fatigue causes patients to feel very exhausted and lethargic during the time that they are receiving the treatment. According to Jeanne Erickson, 95%…

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