The Matrix Hero's Journey Analysis

The hero’s journey as depicted by Joseph Campbell is used to “describe the underlying monomyth that links stories from every part of the world and every epoch in human history”(Richardson 220). In this case there is an interconnection between the Wachowski siblings film, The Matrix, and Campbell’s hero’s journey. While producing this film, the siblings used the hero’s journey as the backbone. It starts out with the call to adventure, then the road of trials, and later the apotheosis. The apotheosis is the point in which the character has gained further insight is attained. With having this greater knowledge, the hero is now able to go on to a more arduous adventure. In the Wachiowski’s Siblings film The Matrix, Neo’s pout of realization also called the apotheosis is the most significant part of his heroic journey because he now possesses the knowledge to have all the codes and how to use his intellectual powers. The Wachowski siblings film, The Matrix, released in 1999 was a film packed with suspense. The film starts off with Keanu Reeves 's character, Neo (his hacker name), asleep at his computer with a message from an anonymous sender presented across …show more content…
Stories that follow the journey may not have all of the steps clearly stated. The call to adventure can be found in every film or book. It is when the hero starts off in a situation from which information is received/gathered thus acts as a call. In The Matrix, Neo’s call to adventure is noticing the white rabbit tattoo and proceeding to follow. The Matrix does not follow the Campbell’s hero’s journey, but it played a critical part in the writing of the Wachiowski’s siblings film The Matrix. The hero 's journey is a set of chronological steps that help the hero achieve the ultimate boon. The ultimate boon as defined by Campbell is when the goal of the journey is finally achieved. The most crucial step for the hero is the

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