The Sibling Effect Of Children Essay

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Alberto Beltran
English 101A
Amble Hollenhorst
15 November 2016
The Sibling Effect There are a lot of activities that we can do alone, but with a brother or a sister around the same age there are more activities to do. Having a brother or a sister with the same age is beautiful and have consequences and advantages, one advantage is that you can share your toys, your cloth, or whatever you want. Also, having a brother or sister you can play with him or her all the day and it more fun for you. One example if you have a brother you can talk to him and tell whatever feeling you have and you will not be embarrassing. In other hand there are having a brother or sister around the same age have consequences for example, if he or she does something that you don’t like it you will fight. Other consequence is, if your brother or sister is better that you, your parents will play more with him or her and you will get jealous. If that passes, you will want to fight with him or her and there will be a competence of who is better. Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman, Bronson & Merryman from their article “The Sibling Effect” (p117) states that from the first time scholars had tried to find strange effects of being an only child. A couple years ago in Italy researches tried to determine if female online were more likely to have an eating disorder in high school. A study of Scottish show that kids compared to children with a normal number of siblings, there was barely any difference in the rate…

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