The Show Blue Blood Essay

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In the show Blue blood one of the main characters works in the district attorney office in New York City and her name is Erin Reagan. In this episode the case she is working on is about Lenny a mob boss that she knows had been linked to many crimes. As a district attorney it is her job to put criminals in jail but she cannot put Lenny in jail because she cannot get enough evidence against him. She finds a 15 year old cold case about a drug dealer named Mr. Green that she thinks Lenny is somehow involved with his murder. The reasons she thought that Lenny killed him was because he had a history of violent behavior and he was a competitor of his. When Mr. Green was murdered the New York police did not investigate much into the case because they felt he got what was coming to him. But in real life they are supposed to take a good look at any case no matter who they are. Then Lenny’s lawyer discovered a witness that said he was nowhere near Green at the time of his death.
Vincent was the witness, he was in witness protection because he testified against other mob people and put them in jail, so then they wanted him dead. He hated witness protection because he could not see his granddaughter. So he volunteered to help Lenny in return Lenny got rid of the bounty off of him. Then Erin suspects that Lenny was not the murderer but a New York City police officer was responsible for the murder. This officer was working with Mr. Green until he found out that he was not giving him the…

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