The Shortcomings Of Queer Education

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Despite the growing numbers of Americans who identify as LGBTQ (queer) the community still lacks basic resources and support. One sector that is particularly inefficient and harmful is the health care system. Numerous studies illustrate the shortcomings of medical schools and the medical care systems from the mid-nineties through the 2011. The studies focus on the lack of queer education in the schooling process, the specific health issues that queer people face, and the barriers to care. However, there is little discussion about the patients themselves, their experiences under this broken system or the ways that inadequate services affect their health and access to or desire for care. This review examines the literature focused on three factors …show more content…
According to Knight et al. "many clinicians provide services to LGBTQ youth with a lack of cultural competency (2014), forcing queer adolescents into uncomfortable situations with limited possibility for positive outcomes. Moreover, less than half of the medical students in Sanchez et al. 's study ask their patients about sexual orientation, completely denying LGBTQ people to available care (Sanchez, 2006, 22). According to Sanchez et al., when medical students can interact with LGBT patients they possess increased comfort, attention for LGBTQ issues, and higher knowledge of the subjects (Sanchez et al., 2006), however such clinical interactions are uncommon (Juno Obedin-Maliver et al., 2011). In contrast, students who reported personal comfort did not see a correlation between these feelings of ease and their ability to provide superior care (Sanchez et al., 2006, 23). This result illustrates that clinicians do not obtain sufficient capabilities to care for LGBTQ patients due to the gaps in their schooling. Moreover, even when the students hold positive associations or experiences with queer people their education hinders the

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